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The Naviganti Overview

Naviganti is a new, but different sales and marketing business with over 40 years of premium consumer goods experience behind it. We have an ideas and consumer focused approach, which is all about building sustainable profit growth for our clients.

We do not just advise; we also implement and deliver. It’s ‘doing the do’ to help our clients deliver their business objectives. We aim to help maximise value for our clients through work on individual brands or products, on a portfolio or an entire business.

Our commitment and support to our clients is total; we are about building winning relationships for the longer term. That’s good for business.

Our Focus

Marketing and Sales Advisory Service focused on strategic development, implementation and route to market results delivery.

Sales Growth and Route to Market Activation Service to deliver actual sales growth through new and existing markets, channels and customers.

Our Reach is Global: Based in the UK, we operate globally. We have direct experience of building sales in these regions;

• UK
• Western Europe
• Eastern Europe
• Asia
• North America
• Latin America
• Middle East
• Global Travel Retail
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